Frameworks, Standards and Models

Your Roadmap to Information Systems and Technology. Use the right frameworks to add value to your role and enterprise.

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The power of COBIT is in its breadth of tools, resources and guidance for the governance and management of enterprise IT. Use the online version to search uses by topic area and optimize your business.


Blockchain Framework and Guidance

Gain an understanding of basic concepts and foundational information, blockchain architecture, interoperability concerns, governance, security and assurance considerations along with appropriate controls to allow for proper blockchain planning and implementation and monitoring.


Blockchain - An Executive View

As the use of blockchain technology becomes more ubiquitous, It Is Important that executives understand what It Is and the value It can bring to an enterprise. This paper explains blockchain technology In layman's terms and delves Into the opportunities and challenges resulting from blockchain.


Risk IT Framework

Get an end-to-end, comprehensive view of risks related to the use of IT and a similarly thorough treatment of risk management, from the tone and culture at the top, to operational issues.


IT Audit Framework (ITAF™): A Professional Practices Framework for IT Audit, 4th Edition

Get the guidance and techniques that will lend consistency and effectiveness to your audits. The new 4th edition of ITAF outlines standards and best practices aligned with the sequence of the audit process (risk assessment, planning and field work) to guide you in assessing the operational effectiveness of an enterprise and in ensuring compliance.

The Business Model for Information Security

BMIS (Business Model for Information Security)

The Business Model for Information Security, provides an in-depth explanation to a holistic business model which examines security issues from a systems perspective.

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Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

Take a risk-based approach to measuring and managing security risks in the context of your business mission and strategy. Use this unique cybersecurity risk assessment framework to simplify your security gap analysis.